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4 1/2 stars for See You in the Morning

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 4 ½ Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Jake wonders if he’ll ever find a long-term, loving relationship like his parents have. After all, same-sex marriage is a pipe dream. Then he meets Dave. From the first kiss, they know they belong together. For over fifty years they’re together, living their happily ever after in spite of bigotry. They raise four wonderful children, always counting on the promise they give each other every night – “see you in the morning.”

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Review: I read this story for the first time over a year ago when it first came out, and I’ve read it a couple of times since then and it always has the same impact. It always has me reaching for the tissues as I am overcome by the heart-breaking love story; this is a truly wonderful story that definitely worth every single penny!

For over fifty years Jake and Dave faced the world together, they fought for marriage equality and married three times, they raised four wonderful children and watched as more family came into their world. As Jake loses Dave to a stroke we relive Jakes memories as he sees their life together in photographs and the love and joy he and Dave had are shared with us.

This is an incredible story that pulls at your heart as we see Jake’s and Dave’s lives spread out before us. This isn’t a story that I can really describe as it doesn’t just focus on just one thing, it focus’ on Dave’s and Jake’s lives together, so we see many moments in their lives from when they meet to their first date to Jake’s family accepting Dave, to their first, second and third weddings and then on to their first adoption and so forth, so the moments we see are all important moments in their lives together and all these memories are triggered by photos as Jake looks over their lives together just after Dave dies.

What I can tell you is that this story is beautifully written and the characters are incredible men who will bring tears to your eyes with their love for each other and their family. You admire these men for their all-encompassing love, the way that they spread their joy with others and the way that they love each other so much. We see how they influence the lives of their family to be accepting of others and to forgive those whose own views are bigoted. We fall in love with both Jake and Dave and we feel the joy they shared.

I recommend that this book be put on your read now list as it isn’t one to miss if you want an incredible story of a love that lasts over five decades, where bigotry and hate are faced down with poise and where a sad ending can also be one of happiness.


Watch this space

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Labor Day

Labor Day – 1991

When I woke up this morning and it was raining, my first thought was of the people out at Ren Fest. I spent many rainy, cold, and muddy weekends out there in the SCA dell. One Labor Day weekend I remember quite clearly.

It was 1991. That was the summer I was having health problems. It was also the summer my roommate, my youngest daughter, and I went to Pennsic. Now, Pennsic was in mid-August, and while we were there, I bought a piece of elk-skin suede and a gray fox tail that almost perfectly matched Lars’ hair to make a hat for him.

Come Labor Day (just two weeks later), it rained all weekend, and I don’t think the temperature got over 70 degrees. It was so cold at Fest you could hardly do any demos because your fingers wouldn’t work.

The next week all I heard every day was, “When are you going to make my hat?”, “I sure could have used that hat last weekend.”, etc. So the following Sunday, I hand-sewed that elk skin as my demo. Now, if you know anything about working with elk-skin suede (which I didn’t at the time), it stretches. I measured his head and sewed the hat – it was too big. So I measured again – it was too big. I think I sewed the sides of that hat four or five times. Finally it was finished, and the fox tail was sewn on. I walked over to where Lars stood at the edge of the list field and handed it to him. “Here’s your hat. Put it on.”

That weekend it was sunny and 95 degrees – he put the hat on and wore it the rest of the day.

The Kachina Job by A. J. Marcus


What does one look for in an erotic, gay, paranormal book?
Werecreatures? Check – Mountain lions, jaguars, owls, wolves, and even a rat.
Hot M/M sex? Check – make that M/M/M
Mystery – Check
Magic – Check
Excitement – Check
You’ll find it all in The Kachina Job.
This story will have you on the edge of your chair from the first page when Phillip Two Hands, a weremountain lion steals the Kachina to the last page.
Phillip, Dennis Hernandez, a werejaguar, and Shannon O’Flaherty, a wereowl, form a threesome to find out what or who is killing werewolves.

Along the way, they form a deep, three-way bond that results in some pretty hot sex scenes.
As they battle spirit creatures and an alpha werewolf, their bond continues to grow.
Like I said, you’ll be on the edge of your seat for this one.

Travelers – excerpt

2nd draft

Three days later, James was moved into a nursing home. That evening his three children, Sean, Sharon, and their younger brother, Ian came to visit and found him sitting in a chair.
“Well, Dad, you’re looking much better. There for a while, we weren’t sure,” Sean said. “The doctor says it looks like you’re going to be fine. You’ll continue physical therapy, but will have to use a wheelchair for now.”
Sharon walked over and kissed him. “I’m so glad you’re okay, Dad. I wasn’t ready to plan a funeral.”
“Humpf,” James said. “Don’t go planning any funeral for me yet. You need to plan a big birthday party for me next July.” His speech was still a bit slurred but understandable.
“What do you mean, Dad,” Ian asked.
“You’re going to have a big birthday party for me on the Fourth of July. Your half-brother, James, and his family are coming from California.”
“You sound rather definite about that,” Sean said. “What makes you so sure?”
“Because James’ grandson, Rory, told me so,” James answered.
“And just when did Rory tell you this?” Ian asked.
“You won’t believe me if I tell you,” James said.
“Try me,” Ian replied.
“It was November, 1892.”
“Okay, Dad, you’re right. I don’t believe you,” Ian said.
“How could that happen?” Sharon asked.
“Because I visited 1892 from 1941 just before the war started. While I was there, Rory McGregor visited from the year 2034.” James shook his head. “Don’t try to figure it out. I’m not crazy. You’ll see next July when Rory comes to my party.”
* * *
Los Angeles, CA – May 26, 2014
Rory shook his head. “The old man must be bonkers. How could I have met him in 1892? Neither one of us was born yet.”*Version*=1&*entries*=0


What’s a Snow Day – TBT

Me and Peanut

Snow day? What’s that?

This is one of those “when I was your age” stories.

The picture above is me with my pony, Peanut. It was taken sometime in the summer or fall of 1951 when I was eight years old. That fall, I lived with my grandparents and went to school at Pleasant Ridge, a one-room school about a mile from the farm. The school was located between two asphalt roads. From our side, it was accessed by a narrow, dirt lane. From the other side, the road went down a very steep hill. The road from the farm to the asphalt was gravel and there were two or three hills between.

That fall, I entered the fourth grade and rode Peanut to school. I’d tether him to a post, give him hay and water, and store my saddle in the shed that held fuel for the school stove. I can’t remember if the stove burned wood or coal, but I think it was wood.

Sometime that semester, we had a snowstorm. The drifts in the lane to the school were too deep for me or Peanut to walk through. Grandpa couldn’t even drive the pickup through them. To go around to the other blacktop and down the steep hill was about six miles.

Even though Grandpa had a tractor, he still had a team of work mares. To get me to school, he harnessed one of the work mares and pulled me up behind him.
I’m not sure how the teacher got to school that day. She had to drive from town.

Now, when I hear of schools being closed because of snow, I just shake my head.