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Mabon – revised

September 22


Tuesday morning I woke to a feeling of anticipation that I could not explain. It was Mabon or the Autumnal Equinox, and I felt something important was about to happen. As stated before, I was raised in a bi-religious atmosphere. I hadn’t performed any of the rituals Nana taught us since I got out of college, but something compelled me to do so today. Maybe I could find an answer to the strange things that were happening.

I worked around the house until about four that afternoon then went into the kitchen and filled my backpack with the items needed to perform the ritual of Mabon.

As I started to leave the house, I turned back. Jim was in the library and I told him, “I’m not sure, but I think Jeff may be out later. Tell him I’m in the orchard if he comes.”

I whistled for Fetcher and we walked toward the back of the property. When we arrived at the stream, I used the large rock as an altar and cast a circle. As I removed my clothing and followed the ritual celebrating the harvest that Nana Perry had taught all of us kids years ago, the feeling of anticipation I had felt all day strengthened. I lit the candles in the rotation Nana had taught me, first green for Earth then yellow for Air, red for Fire, and blue for Water then continued by calling the elements.

When the ritual was complete, I closed my circle and put my tools away. I left the brown, cinnamon-scented altar candle lit and stepped into the stream.


* * *



I arrived at the house about six Tuesday evening; Jim was stripping paint from the mopboard in the library. I asked, “Is Sunny here?”

“He went toward the orchard about an hour ago with a backpack and Fetcher.”

“What’s he doing out there?”

“Sunny is the only one of us kids who still sometimes practices the Pagan rituals our mother’s mother taught us. Where you and April were probably raised on Mother Goose and the Brothers Grimm, we grew up on tales of Queen Maev, Connor mac Nessa, and Cuchulain. Today is Mabon or the Autumnal Equinox; he’s gone to commune with the Goddess and celebrate the harvest.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I got the idea from Sunny that he was Christian.

“Well, we were raised to believe in Christianity, but the family also honors the religion of our ancestors that Mother’s mother taught us. We try to observe the holidays in some manner. It’s usually just in the foods we eat, but sometimes Sunny takes it a little further, especially if something is bothering him. I feel that he has something on his mind besides the remodeling lately.”

I frowned and said, “Maybe I shouldn’t interrupt him.”

“Go on; I doubt if he’ll mind. In fact, I think he’s expecting you.”

I wondered at this because I had not planned on coming out tonight. It was a ‘spur-of-the-moment’ kind of thing.

I took a flashlight out of my car and headed across the pasture. When I got to the brook, Fetcher lay on a blanket spread on the grass. I smelled the scent of cinnamon from the candle burning on the ‘witches’ stone’. Also on the stone was a bottle of wine, two glasses, and some food. Sunny stood totally nude in the middle of the brook facing away from me toward the west. In the glow of the setting sun, he looked like a god. Although I didn’t know a lot about the Celtic Gods, I seemed to remember the name Lugh as a being similar in nature to Apollo, the Greek God of Light.

Fetcher gave a soft ‘woof’ as I approached and Sunny turned.

I caught my breath at the sight of Sunny’s muscular body. I had thought him attractive Labor Day in his surfer trunks, but seeing him totally naked and aroused, I realized what made the front of his jeans fit so snugly. His hair and chest had droplets of water that glistened like shiny silver in the rays of the setting sun. My body responded at the sight of him.

As nonchalantly as I could, I asked, “Isn’t it a bit cool for skinny dipping. Besides, the water isn’t deep enough to swim in.”

“The water’s fine; come on in.”

I didn’t want him to see my body’s reaction to him and answered, “I think I’ll pass.”

Sunny maintained a steady gaze as he taunted, “Chicken.”

I stared back into Sunny’s eyes. I felt hypnotized and started removing my clothes. As I stripped, I walked toward the water. Sunny held out his right hand. I took it and stepped into the water. As I started to speak, Sunny placed the index finger of his left hand over my lips, “Shhh.”

He pulled me toward him, lowered the finger from my lips to my chest, and teased my nipples between his thumb and forefinger. I felt cock harden. As Sunny pulled me to him, I felt his hardness against my abdomen. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, “Sunny.”

“Shhh. Don’t talk; just feel.”

He released my hand and raised his right hand to my head. He pulled me to him in a deep kiss. As his hot tongue probed my mouth, I closed my eyes and placed my hands on his waist. He let the fingers of his left hand trail from my nipples downward past my navel. He cupped my balls in his hand and rubbed his thumb along the base of my cock. I opened my eyes and looked deep into his. I lowered my hand and duplicated what he was doing to me. He lowered his mouth to my chest and his tongue played with my nipples. My knees threatened to buckle under me.

He stepped back, took my hand again, and led me out of the water and to the blanket where he knelt and pulled me down beside him.

We kissed and our tongues played with each other, first in my mouth then his. Again, he lowered his head to my chest and circled my nipples with his tongue. His tongue crept lower until it flickered across the tip of my throbbing cock. I thought I was going to explode as he took my dickhead into his mouth. I felt the muscles at the back of his throat as he sucked and licked. He raised his head and reached for the backpack that was lying on one corner of the blanket. He took out two condoms and a tube of lube. His mouth came back to my hard dick. As he sucked, his hand caressed my balls and ass. I felt the coolness as he filled my hole with lube and inserted his fingers. He must have sensed that I couldn’t hold off any longer. He lifted his head just as I shot my wad. Holding my eyes in a locked stare, he opened one of the condoms and placed it on himself. He lay down on his back, pulled me down on top of him, and entered me.

I wasn’t a virgin, but this time there was a feeling deep inside of me that I had never felt before. A feeling not just in my body but deep inside my soul as though I had been waiting for this moment all my life. I looked at Sunny’s face and saw by the expression of ecstasy on his face that he was feeling something also.

Too soon, Sunny pulled out of me, took the second condom, opened it, and placed it on me. He lifted his legs. I squeezed some of the lube into him and followed it with my dick.

When our bodies had been satisfied, we got up, walked to the brook, rinsed the sweat and semen, from our bodies, and dressed.

When we were again seated on the blanket, Sunny reached for the bottle of the wine. He poured it. We ate, feeding each other bites of bread, cheese, fruit, and nuts, and shared the bottle of wine in silence.

By now, it was getting dark. Sunny extinguished the candle, packed the leftover food and the blanket in the backpack, and we started walking toward the house. Again, I started to say something and he shushed me.

When we got to the house, we walked to my car. Sunny finally spoke, “We’ll forget this ever happened.”

I shook my head, “You want me to forget the best sex I’ve ever had; it isn’t very likely.”

“We may not forget, but it won’t happen again. Goodnight, Jeff.”

Before I even got into my car, he was inside the house.