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A-Z Challenge

Hot diggety! Grandma did it. I got the badge and link for A-Z Challenge on my blog site. I’m ready for Sunday.


I have figured out part of what I’m going to write, but still not sure about procedure. I guess I just blog and hope someone reads it.


I think the muse is back. Edited for two hours last night before going to bed at 2 – up at 5:30 for 1 1/5 hours of writing. (restarted Danny). Back to bed until after 9.


So far, one review on Catriona’s Curse but since she bought it from me, she can’t post on Amazon or Smashwords:

“I really liked Catriona’s Curse. It was wonderful how you put a curse, reincarnation and love together. I have enjoyed your three books. Keep writing. :)”



Catriona’s Curse is live on Create Space. I didn’t order another proof, I hope they don’t print them upside down.

Now I have a couple of blog interviews to fill out since I have the hard copy live.

A-Z theme

I think I have decided upon a theme for my A-Z challenge. I know they say I don’t need a theme, but I think I’ll be more inclined to follow through if I do.

Now to make a list of words from A-Z.


Well, I guess one of my questions got answered, because someone saw my other post about the A-Z challenge. Now if someone would answer a couple more:

1. Is there a minimum/maximum number of words?
2. Does this have to be something new written especially for the challenge?

Writers’ group

I spent an enjoyable two and half hours tonight with a very nice group of people. There were three men and two women and they were all writers.

They get together every Monday evening and critique each other’s work. I read through the pages they were critiquing and got a feel for each of their styles. One was sci-fi, one YA, one horror (vampire), one children. One woman didn’t have anything tonight. The comments made were extremely helpful.

I intend to submit the first chapter of the book I’m working on next week.


Read an ebook

Read an ebook

I wish I knew what I’m doing

Okay, so I have a blog. I think I have one follower.

I signed up for that A-Z blog challenge, but have a dozen or so questions.

Also signed up for Red Room, but need to finish my profile and put the books on there.

I think I may have Twitter partially figured out – at least I shared a news article on there this morning (I think).