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Six Sentence Sunday 5/13

From Acceptance: One Man’s Quest

Background – Alex left home over fifteen years ago and has not seen his two children since. Their mother was killed in an accident and they all have just learned Alex has full guardianship of the kids. 

At this point Jamie jumped to his feet, “I am not going to change schools in the middle of my senior year of high school and move halfway across the country to live with two God-damned cock-sucking faggots.”

Pop, Andrew, and Alex all stood up and Pop bellowed out, “James Michael!”

At the same time, Andrew said, “You don’t want to live with us, well I’m not so sure I want your homophobic little ass in my house.”

Alex turned to Andrew, “Andrew, sit down and don’t say another word, I’ll handle things.” He pointed his finger at Pop, “You, too, Pop.”

Pop bellowed, “Don’t tell me what to do!”


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