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Hop Against Homophobia


When I was a child growing up, I never heard about homosexuals. It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I knowingly met anyone who¬† was gay and not until my thirties that I knowingly met any lesbians.

In the late sixties, early seventies, I lived across the street from a gay couple and found them to be very good neighbors even though my husband had to tell me they were, in his words, “queer as three dollar bills.”

In 2003 there was a TV show on Bravo called Boy Meets Boy. Because of that show, I met (on-line) over 3,000 gay men. When the show was over, we still corresponded for about three years and they educated me about the inequity of the laws regarding gays. They also got me into gay books and movies. I found that most of them ended unhappily and decided to write a gay story with a ‘happily ever after’ ending. That book was Acceptance: One Man’s Quest.

My second book, First Impressions Don’t Count, has an underlying message about homophobia. During the first year of their life together, Dave and Jesse encounter many instances of homophobia. BUT – in each instance, there is at least one straight ally ready to stand up for them.

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