Hop Against Homophobia


When I was a child growing up, I never heard about homosexuals. It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I knowingly met anyone who  was gay and not until my thirties that I knowingly met any lesbians.

In the late sixties, early seventies, I lived across the street from a gay couple and found them to be very good neighbors even though my husband had to tell me they were, in his words, “queer as three dollar bills.”

In 2003 there was a TV show on Bravo called Boy Meets Boy. Because of that show, I met (on-line) over 3,000 gay men. When the show was over, we still corresponded for about three years and they educated me about the inequity of the laws regarding gays. They also got me into gay books and movies. I found that most of them ended unhappily and decided to write a gay story with a ‘happily ever after’ ending. That book was Acceptance: One Man’s Quest.

My second book, First Impressions Don’t Count, has an underlying message about homophobia. During the first year of their life together, Dave and Jesse encounter many instances of homophobia. BUT – in each instance, there is at least one straight ally ready to stand up for them.

PRIZE — Your choice of ebook or hard copy of First Impressions Don’t Count. Click on cover at right to read excerpt. Must comment to be eligible.


22 responses to “Hop Against Homophobia

  1. I believe love can triumph over hate and that it always will!

    Thanks for participating in the blog hop.


  2. Great post. Thanks for participating in the HOP.

  3. I already have a copy of the prize offered just stopping by to say thank you for participating.

  4. Thanks for participating in this great blog hop 🙂


  5. thank you for your support on this issue. ~smooches~

  6. Thanks for your thoughts. If only everyone had a ally when they needed

  7. I would love to be entered, thank you for being a part of the blog hop!
    ineedtoread76 [at] gmail.com

  8. wow, yeah, they need a happily ever after! 🙂

  9. Thank you so much for participating in the hop. I hope that this helps to spread the word and that one day a hop like this will no longer be needed. I have shown many of the post to my nieces and nephews. We recently have been discussing how damaging bullying is and how innocent remarks can make you be seen as being a bully. One of the things that makes me mad is when I hear…you’re so gay… pisses me off. These post have helped them already. I heard my nephew stand up to someone that called someone else a hurtful name… I was so proud. Thank you all for helping by sharing hurtful and/sad memories and your personal views/message.
    I pray one day for equality for EVERYONE not just some.

  10. Thanks for participating for this wonderful cause of awareness…I teach high schoolers and this is a topic that we discuss at length. I just want them to be aware and know that they have the power to change the world!

    • I have two 15-year-old grandkids – one boy, one girl. The girl really got upset with me a few months ago when I mentioned going to church to hear “the gay grandson of Oral Roberts”.

      “Why do you have to call him the ‘gay’ grandson? Can’t you just say grandson?”

      I had to explain to her and her mother that Randy Roberts Potts advertises himself as ‘the gay grandson of Oral Roberts.’

  11. I’ll try and keep this short since i rattled on a bit in my other comment. I’ll just say thank you for participating and sharing your experiences. I too don’t know anyone who was openly gay or lesbian back when I was in school. Not until I was working did I meet any homosexuals. Then I met two in my first job. One was a great bloke, older, divorced with two kids and now living with a man. The other I didn’t get along with at all. But it takes all sorts and I don’t get along with every straight person I know – not by a long shot!

    It takes all sorts to make up any community, though I am sure that the homophobes are one sort that we can all do without.

  12. Kendall McKenna

    I admire that you have written a story that has a homophobic theme in it, even if it’s not primary. I have so far been afraid to do that. I realize I need to deal with my own fears of not handling the subject correctly. So, some day, I hope to be as brave as you are.

    • It wasn’t until the book was finished that I noticed the underlying theme. I started out to write about how opposites attract and how you can’t always judge someone by his looks.

  13. Good post and some awesome comments. This is being a good hop.

  14. Thank you for taking part, Alix 🙂 Thanks for sharing your personal experiences. I hope those men did find their own real-life HEA eventually 🙂

  15. And I forgot the email: eripike at gmail dot com (I blame too much hopping!).

  16. Thank you for the post on such a great cause. I loved the hop.


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