Daily Archives: December 12, 2013

Another Flash Memory

I got reminded this morning about another funny flash story from my youth so here goes.

A Trip Down the Hill

It was the summer before my senior year of high school. I had a good friend named Winnie Lee Daniels. The saddle club decided to have an overnight trail ride. Winnie borrowed a horse and off we went.

That night after a campfire dinner, we settled down to bed. I had my sleeping bag and Winnie had a bedroll. Of course we two sixteen-year-old girls didn’t want to pitch our beds over by the old folks so we found a place a little ways off. We laid our bedding out with the bottom headed downhill (like they teach you).

This part of the story is best told in Winnie’s words. “I just settled down in my bedroll when I heard Julia Ann screaming, ‘Help, Winnie, help,’ and I couldn’t find her.”

Three boys (and I’ll name the ornery cusses) Loren Earl Constable, Guy J. Carr, and Raymond Eugene Ratliff) decided to play a trick on me. One of them (I wish I knew which one) threw a wet, sweaty, stinky saddle blanket over my head and the other two pulled me down the hill by the foot of my sleeping bag.