Falconer’s Lure by A. J. Marcus


Amazon or Dreamspinner Press

Available in both e-book and paperback.

A Ren Faire Romance

Watching birds of prey soar gives Garret Nicholson a sense of peace. It’s exactly what he needs after his recent break-up. His ex never understood Garret’s work with the raptors, but the birds have been part of his life for years. Garret spends his time between The Sky’s the Limit Raptor Rehab Center and his dad’s falconry show at the Hawkwood Fantasy Faire, trying to prove to himself and his father he has what it takes to be a great falconer.

Trevor DePalma is in awe, but he isn’t sure whether the man or the falcons fascinate him more. Watching the birds perform at the Faire gives Trevor the first taste of joy he’s had since his father threw him out two years ago. Bonding with Garret over their mutual love of birds, Trevor eagerly learns all he can, and Garret proves a willing teacher. But as feelings grow, Trevor worries how Garret will react when he learns Trevor is homeless.

Life on the street is growing more dangerous for Trevor and his friends. Garret offers him safe space to find his feet. As the world crashes around them, Garret and Trevor will need each other’s support in ways they’ve never imagined.

* * *

Marcus has brought his knowledge of raptors and Ren Faires together in this fourth book of the series. One can almost picture and feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages as the birds fly above the crowds.

Garret Nicholson needs to prove to his father he’s capable of handling the birds on his own while his parents are gone for a couple of weeks. He’s looking for someone to spend time with since his breakup with his former partner.

Along comes Trevor DePalma. Homeless and living in a dangerous situation with men who turn to hustling and drugs in order to survive. It isn’t long before Trevor is drawn into the thrill of watching and handling the birds. But how will Garret deal with the fact of Trevor’s homelessness?



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