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Bringing in the Hay

I told a man at church today that someday I’d tell him about me driving the tractor.

Bringing in the hay

Most people who’ve known me a long time, know I spent a lot of time on my grandparents’ farm as a child. But my ex-husband’s family considered me a ‘city girl’. My second daughter was born April 1, 1973. Fourth of July weekend, we went to visit my husband’s oldest sister and her family on a farm outside of Huntsville, MO. Jim, the brother-in-law, had baled hay in the field. Can’t remember how many fields, but there were several. And a lot of hay. The weatherman started forecasting severe thunderstorms headed our way. Now anyone who’s ever been on a farm knows what happens to baled hay if it gets wet and is put into the barn.

Here is a list of those present:

On the male side – my husband, his three brothers-in-law, Dale who was just short of 16, Darryl who was just short of 13, my son who was 11 and one other who was almost 11. Two or three younger ones who don’t count.

On the female side – me, my mother-in-law, my husband’s three sisters, Susan who was almost 16 and Lori almost 15. Of course there was Michelle who was 6 and Megan 3 months.

Now everyone knows – the men do the field work and the women cook the meals. Jim had three tractors and the plan was for Dale, Darryl and one other man to drive the tractors and the rest of the males to ‘buck the bales’.

You also know that no kitchen is big enough for five women. So I offered to drive one of the tractors and let Darryl buck the bales. You should have seen the look on Jim’s face. I told him, “Jim, I learned how to drive a tractor when I was 10.” So I went out and drove one of the tractors.

Yes, we made it before the rain started.


Nice words

A nice note from one of the men who inspired See You in the Morning.

Dean’s husband had a very bad stroke a little over a year ago and we were all worried about him. I also got worried about how Dean would cope if he lost Miles. Thus was born “See You in the Morning.”

Dean had this to say about the book and one other:

Dean P

I just wanted to tell all my friends about two books I have read. The first book is Acceptance One Man’s Quest by A. T. Weaver. I just read it again for the 2nd time & I will probably read it again. It is a lovely book about love between two men. It is romantic, funny, and delightful to read. I must say that if I could rate it 10 stars out of 10 I would rate it a 10. She also dedicated it to two of my dearest friends. I don’t usually do this sort of thing but think since I enjoyed it so much I just had to share.

The second book is called See You In the Morning. and she dedicated it to Miles & I. She said it was our love that planted the seed. Thank you Julia.

Setting that aside I also have enjoyed reading it. I have read it two time and will probably read it again. The characters are planed so well you can’t help but picture each one of the characters as you read. It also is a lovely love story between two men (nothing like Miles & I) although we do love each other. Again you will laugh, you will cry, and the ending is perfect. Another 10 out of 10. Way to go my dear friend Julia.

PS I think each book would make a lovely movie, LOVE STORY that any one could go and see and be touched by the message in them. Also she writes under a pseudonym because of her family. Thank you again Julia my friend.

Soul Survivors by A. J. Marcus


Review by A. T. Weaver

Conrad O’Shea thinks he’s experiencing past life regression when he’s thrown into the body of the Mongol warrior living two thousand years ago. While riding with his lover, they battle Turks with disastrous results. Back in his own time, memories of the passion the two warriors shared drive Conrad to try again—and again—to find his soul mate and bring them together in the present.

* * *

I consider I have an open mind when it comes to reincarnation but this story makes me lean toward believing. Conrad makes three trips back in time and every time believes he has met the same soul in a different body. He feels so strongly they were meant to be together he convinces his friend to cast a spell to find that soul in his current lifetime.

It may be a bit erotic for some, but I love the story line.