Witches Woods – an excerpt

Sean looked up at his father and grinned. “My turn.”
He pointed at the dozer driver.
The man rose in the air, legs kicking. “Help. Put me down. I was just doing what he paid me to.”
He hovered over the dozer, and then slowly dropped into the seat.
Sean held his hand with its palm facing the dozer.
The dozer slowly backed, turned, and headed for the low-boy trailer.
As it approached the Porsche, Cumberland screamed, “No. Not my car.”
The dozer plowed over the car and continued up the ramp to the trailer.
“This is too much fun, Cuz,” Kier said.
The crane engine fired to life and it slowly moved onto the second low-boy.
Finn bellowed, “Get off our land.”
The assembled men ran into each other as they scurried for their trucks.
Police sirens screamed, and three patrol cars pulled into the clearing and blocked the trucks.
Kyra held up a finger and blew on it.
One-by-one, the construction lights exploded until the only illumination came from the police-cruisers’ headlights.


One response to “Witches Woods – an excerpt

  1. Fun excerpt! Wish I could do that. 🙂

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