Meet the cousins – Mike

Mike cropped

Once again, Mike sat on the back of his favorite bench and watched the people basking in the late afternoon sun. The crew finished a large patio that afternoon, and he was tired and hungry. I guess I should get something to eat. He turned as someone stepped up on the bench and sat beside him.

“Hi, Mike,” Brian said. “I haven’t seen you around here lately.”

“I’ve been busy,” Mike said. He clamped his lips together and squinted his eyes.

A man a couple of inches shorter than Brian with reddish-brown hair sprinkled with gray appeared and sat on the bench on the other side of Mike’s feet. For a second Mike felt like he was surrounded.

“Mike, this is Eric.” Brian gestured to the man on the other side of Mike. “I told you about him.”

“Yeah.” You told me all right. He’s your partner. He’s good looking. Why would Brian want someone else? Also, why would Eric want someone other than Brian?

“Have you given any thought to our proposal?” Brian asked neutrally.

“What? Have sex with both of you?” Mike’s words were short and clipped. “I told you I’m not interested in a ‘party’.” I might like to go to bed with either one of them, but both at once?

“We aren’t proposing a ‘party’. We’re looking for someone to share our home.” Eric flashed Brian a look like he should’ve explained things better to Mike.

“Why me?” It was one of the biggest questions that had nagged him the most, and one he just couldn’t figure out. Mike gestured toward the boardwalk. “There are lots of gay guys around. Why not choose one of them?”

“We’ve been talking about this for some time,” Eric said. “We’ve looked at several guys, but the ones Brian liked I didn’t, and the ones I liked he didn’t.”

“You’re the first person we agreed on,” Brian said. “Look, it’s dinner time. We’re right here by Bubba Gump Shrimp. We can talk over dinner.”

Maybe I should hear them out. After all, I don’t have to do more than listen to them. And Brian is so hot. Mike hesitated a few seconds and then grinned. “Well, my mother always tells me not to pass up a free meal.” One thing that chewed at him, was it sounded like the two of them had been hanging out watching a good number of men for a while. He wasn’t sure how he felt about that. It still had a creepy vibe to it, even if they were both fairly hot.


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