“Silver is seventeen and lives with two younger runaways in a house in Key Largo. He has a gift that makes it possible for the three of them to stay afloat in an America where being openly LGBT means death. Evan White, a consultant for the Miami Police Department, also has a special talent, one that threatens Silver’s safety.

An act of bravado and desperation by Silver brings him to Evan’s attention, forcing them both on a path that will send them hurtling across several state lines and ultimately offer them the chance to alter the course of history. Their lives are on the line, but the possibility to at last be who they really are, without fear, is tantalizingly close. Will Silver and Evan have the courage to do what’s necessary? ”

First off, let me say I adore this author. His books are always well-written and hold the reader in thrall from beginning to end. And Queer Justice is no exception. I stayed up way past my normal bedtime to finish it.

The time is in the not so distant future and many of the things being feared today have come to pass. LGBT laws have been overturned, and being LGBT is punishable by death with no trial. Except for the ‘special’ talents of the characters, I can see this becoming reality.

Do I condone the ending? I’m not sure. I can understand it. And, yes, it can be argued it was the only way.



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