“If I could give this book negative stars, I would. I’ve never read such a misogynist m/m romance in my life. The characters call women who go to drag queen shows “skanks” repeatedly and tell them they’re not welcome there repeatedly. I was willing to carry on even though I was pissed, but a couple chapters on and the characters were still bringing up “the skanks” who dared to go to a drag queen show.

I’m pretty sure the people who are putting on drag shows want as many people as possible to attend. Drag shows aren’t just for gay dudes.

The woman who wrote this book (a self-professed “Christian” great grandmother according to her description on Goodreads) clearly hates women. Hard pass for me. She’s on my blacklist. I don’t support misogynists. Good luck finding your very slim target audience of people who love m/m and hate women.”


I’ve been thinking about this review ever since I read it.

Obviously the reviewer cannot separate the author from the character. It was the characters who called the bachlorettes  who have their parties at gay bars (not just any women who attend drag shows) ‘skanks’. The gay men I know complain often about the behavior of women at these parties. The men go to a gay ‘bar’ (not a drag show) to be with other gay men. These women invade their territory and act like they belong there. They seem to think the gay men present are there for their pleasure.

As to the term ‘skanks’, that’s one of the milder names I’ve heard my friends call them.


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