Cousins: Going Home

Betty Johnson is lonely. It’s been thirteen years since her family has all been together for Christmas. She devises a plan to get them all home. Little does she expect the fireworks that ensue when the four oldest grandkids get together under the same roof.

Scott1 - Cropped  Scott – the New York drag queen. He ran away from home over twelve years ago after his mother kicked him and his father out.

Catherine cropped  Catherine – Scott’s spoiled sister, who is married to Lizzie’s ex-husband and spends her days drinking vodka-laced lemonade.

Mike cropped  Mike – who has been through culinary school and is in a three-way relationship with two other men.

dreamstime_s_35789190  Lizzie – who moved to New York five years ago after her divorce from Jerry. She’s now married to Sara.

Add in Scott and Catherine’s homophobic mother and grandmother and it’s sure to be a Christmas no one is apt to forget.