First Impressions


The first time Jesse saw Dave, his first impression was ‘not a chance.’ However, before the evening was over, he discovered a warm, gentle person inside the rough biker exterior. When Jesse is the victim of a gay bashing. Dave’s caring personality totally wins over not only Jesse, but his sister and mother. They spend the summer together and Jesse finds that you can’t always judge a book by its cover.



Dave and Jesse went out the back door of the bar into the alley where Dave’s motorcycle was parked. Jesse looked at the bike skeptically, “I’ve never been on a motorcycle.”

“Have you ever ridden a horse?”

“Only on a carousel.”

“Same principal. Just throw your right leg over and hold on.”

Jesse looked at the bike quizzically, “Hold on to what; there isn’t any pole?”

“Just pretend I’m the pole; hold on to me.”

Dave opened a lid on a compartment on the bike and pulled out his jacket and two helmets. He handed one of the helmets to Jesse and said, “Here, put this on and you might want to zip up that jacket.”

“Do you always use a helmet?”

“Of course, just like I always use a condom; you can’t be too safe.”

He got on the bike and started it, “Are you coming or not?”

Jesse quickly donned the helmet, zipped his jacket, got on behind him, and took hold of Dave’s waist with both hands. He heard Dave’s voice inside the helmet, “Can you hear okay? There’s a wireless mic and speaker inside the helmet so we can communicate.”

“I hear you.”

“Well, you’d better hold on a little tighter.”

Jesse wrapped his arms tightly around Dave’s middle and laid his head against Dave’s back, “Uh, not quite that tight, Kid.”

Jesse gave a small laugh and loosened his hold a little; Dave asked, “Did anyone ever tell you that you giggle like a girl?”

“Yeah, I’ve been told that before; some people say that Jenny and I sound a lot alike when we laugh.”

Jesse notice that although Dave was muddy and sweaty, the smell was that of fresh sweat, not the sour smell that comes after a build up of several days.

As they rode south down The Pacific Coast Highway, the sun was setting into the ocean to their right. Jesse turned his head toward it, “You’d think there would be a big cloud of steam when the sun sets into the ocean; like it was putting out a fire. I really like it out here; I’m not saying that I don’t like Iowa and won’t ever go back; but it will just be to visit. So, where are you from originally?”

“Me? I’m a native Californian; actually third generation native, although my dad was in the Marines when I was a kid and we moved around a lot. After he retired, he and Mom bought a resort up in the mountains.”

They came to a place where they could pull off the road and Dave stopped the bike, “I never get tired of looking at the ocean; not too far from here is some good surfing; you like to surf?”

“I haven’t tried it too much; I’ve only been out here a short time, and we’ve been busy getting the business started.”

Dave quirked an eyebrow and asked, “What would you say if I suggested going over behind those bushes and having sex?”

Jesse stepped back from Dave, “I thought you said ‘no strings’.”

Dave shrugged and chuckled, “Okay, it was worth a try. So, if sex is out of the question, do you like Mexican food?”


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