The Boss’s Son

The Boss Son final

What happens when you find out the young virgin you slept with last night is the son of your boss?

As a senior in high school, Danny comes out at school. After graduation, he goes to PRIDE and ends up in the bed of an older man. It isn’t until the next morning they find out Mike works for Danny’s father. Their relationship grows through the summer until Danny leaves for college. Once there, he is gang raped. Mike stands by him and their love conquers all.

Mike opened up the phone contacts and a strange look come over his face. “Danny Becker?”

“Yep. That’s me.”

Mike took his arm from behind Danny’s shoulders. “Please tell me you aren’t related to Dan Becker the lawyer.”

Danny’s voice sounded puzzled. “He’s my dad. Why? Do you know him?”

Mike leaned back against the seat and put his hands over his face, “I just spent the night screwing my boss’s son.”

“Your boss? You’re a lawyer?”

Mike sighed. “I’m a paralegal in the firm where your dad’s a partner. I usually do most of his research.”

Danny grinned. “So you’re one of the ones who do all the work so the lawyers can get the glory?”


“That’s what Dad says. The paralegals do the research and prepare the case then the lawyers go into court, win the case, and get the gratitude of the client.”

Mike chuckled. “I’ll remember it the next time I ask for a raise. Unless I get fired after last night.”

“So, what happens now?”

“I don’t know. I’ll have to think this out. When you talk to him this afternoon, just don’t tell him who I am.”

Danny stroked Mike’s face. “I won’t. I hope this doesn’t mean we can’t see each other again. I told you last night I didn’t want this to be one-time-only.”

They kissed and Danny got out of the Jeep and into his car and left. His insides were in turmoil as he drove home.


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