Visions of Stars – Shifter Force #3

Stars are dying in the streets.

Falling stars, that’s all his vision showed him, then his powers went on the fritz. For years Connor McGriffin, psychic cougar shifter has relied on his gift of prophecy to let him know where to go and who to save. But trapped in Los Angles, waiting for more information than just stars falling into the ocean, Connor is lost trying to help people, even himself and his team.

Danny Lupan, former deputy sheriff, and current wolf shifter agent, has gotten used to following his partner Connor, trusting in his visions to lead them where they were needed. When Connor’s visions become unreliable, Danny and the rest of the Shifter Force must fall back on detective training to lead them where they need to go to stop the person blackmailing closeted shifters who have dreams of stardom.

Can Connor, Danny and the team find the clues and chase down the bad guys before more bodies show up? Things don’t always go the way they thought, and when a rising star crashes back to Earth, they may be too late. Connor hates being late for anything.

The action never stops in book three of the exciting Shifter Force series. Run the streets and beaches with the team, as they try to catch falling stars.


Danny kissed Connor as they walked into the hotel room. “I’m proud of you for not getting too high and mighty with Lawrence. You’re making progress.”

Connor huffed as he closed the door. “Hard not to with you right there. You’re my conscience.”

Laughing, Danny took a couple of hopping steps, then turned and crouched down raising his voice in a high approximation of a cartoon character. “Do I look like a cricket to you?”

“No.” Connor laughed too. “You look like a silly wolf trying to be a cricket.”

Hearing Connor’s humor helped Danny relax a little. Connor had been so volatile since the case started. He wanted to help him out, but he wanted Connor to ask for the help, not just have Danny force it on him.

Rising out of his crouch, Danny caught Connor in a big hug. It felt so good to have his arms wrapped around his cat.

As Danny went to kiss him, Connor stiffened. “Get down.”

Connor shoved Danny toward the floor as something smashed through their hotel room window. Glass flew everywhere as a bottle landed on the bed and everything exploded into flames.

Danny’s first instinct was to shift and dash out the window. They were on the second floor, it would be a far jump.

“No,” Connor shouted in his mind. “Through the hall.”

Turning, Danny ran to the door. With the multiple locks, chains, and deadbolts, it took him nearly a minute to open it to the fresh air of the hall as their room was consumed in smoke and flames.

The smoke followed them down the corridor. Danny shifted with a thought, and seconds later Connor was running alongside him, his longer puma legs eating up carpet as they went.

“Lisa, how far are you and Moreau?” Connor called through their group link.

“What’s happening?” Her mental voice was tinged with worry.

“Molotov cocktail into our motel room window.” Danny replied as they reached the stairs and ran down, thankful for the open-air passage that didn’t have doors.

Connor reached the parking lot first, then jumped back as bullets hit the side of the hotel. “And shooter.”

“Lisa, call 911 and get back here.” Danny didn’t want her or Moreau in the line of fire, but they needed backup.

The motel’s fire alarm finally went off, making Danny wonder if the place had been up to code or not. It had been a fairly nice place, especially for a rent-by- the-week location.

“They better not be hurting my Jeep.” Connor crouched low and peered around the edge of the building.

“Stay here, Cat, I’m going to see if I can get around to the other side.” Danny didn’t wait for a reply, but just ran down the center hallway of the first floor of the motel. All down the hall, doors flew open and patrons in various states of dress were running for the outside. There was also the heavy odor of gasoline. He wondered if the rooms facing the parking lot were putting innocents in the line of fire.

Danny reached the far end of the hall just as cars started leaving the parking lot. In the distance sirens wailed. Staying low to the ground, he worked his way around to the parking lot, hoping to see men with guns getting into cars and speeding away. Shouts and screams were growing louder and more frequent around him.