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Six Sentence Sunday

From my paranormal WIP – as yet untitled

The flickering moonlight trickled down through the trees and formed shadows on the fur of the silver wolf as he nuzzled and licked his black companion’s head and face. Suddenly his head raised his ears alert and listening.

The voice of Marrok Del Sol’s mother sounded inside his head.“Run, Marrok. Do not come home. Hide.”


Six Senence Sunday 6-3-12

I’ve never had two WIPs at once (of course neither one has a title).

This is from a short story about a warewolf.

The wolf watched from the dense underbrush as the young family unloaded their car; something was pulling him. He had been alone for over two years since Brian died. He vowed then to never love another human; it hurt too much to lose them. There are drawbacks to being nearly immortal; you outlive everyone you love. He ached for companionship. It wasn’t so much sex he missed as the closeness of another creature.

Six Sentence Sunday 5-27

Almost forgot this week. Another six from the as yet unnamed WIP.

Danny looked down at the ground and didn’t answer. Mike put his hands on Danny’s shoulders. “Look, Danny, I’m going to be honest with you. I want you. You can say ‘no’ now or you can come with us and you’ll have another chance to say it. Whatever happens, I promise not to do anything you don’t want me to.”

Six Sentence Sunday 5-20

Today’s six is from a WIP (as yet untitled).
Danny is an 18-year-old attending his first Pride Festival and has been asked by some guys he met when he came out to his parents. He told them his dad caught him jerking off.

Mike looked skeptical. “Even straight guys jerk off; what else?”
Danny looked down at his hands folded in his lap. “Well, there was this dildo,” he said softly.
“And where was this dildo?” Mike probed.
“Inside me,” Danny whispered.

Six Sentence Sunday 5/13

From Acceptance: One Man’s Quest

Background – Alex left home over fifteen years ago and has not seen his two children since. Their mother was killed in an accident and they all have just learned Alex has full guardianship of the kids. 

At this point Jamie jumped to his feet, “I am not going to change schools in the middle of my senior year of high school and move halfway across the country to live with two God-damned cock-sucking faggots.”

Pop, Andrew, and Alex all stood up and Pop bellowed out, “James Michael!”

At the same time, Andrew said, “You don’t want to live with us, well I’m not so sure I want your homophobic little ass in my house.”

Alex turned to Andrew, “Andrew, sit down and don’t say another word, I’ll handle things.” He pointed his finger at Pop, “You, too, Pop.”

Pop bellowed, “Don’t tell me what to do!”


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Six Sentence Sunday – 5-6

I opened the front door and walked through just in time to catch the red-headed girl wearing cut-off jeans and a green t-shirt as she slid down the curved banister of the wide stairway reached from almost one side of the hall to the other.

I gazed down into twinkling green eyes on each side of a heavily-freckled nose as she laughed, “Hi. Thanks.”

I put her down and realized she wasn’t as young as her actions indicated. A strange feeling of desire came over me. “What’s going on here? I haven’t been attracted sexually to a woman since I discovered the difference between boys and girls.

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Six Sentence Sunday – First Impressions

The bright blue Harley touring bike roared down the street, around the corner, and into the alley behind Glen’s Place causing the men out front to turn and watch. Its rider was tired, sweaty, and muddy and planned to stop at Glen’s for a cold beer then swing by a fast food drive-thru on his way home to take a shower and be in bed by 10 o’clock. He had no inkling that the next 30 minutes would bring about an event that would change, not only his plans for that evening, but for the rest of his life. Anyone watching as he got off the bike and stowed his helmet and jacket in the compartment on the bike would never have taken Dave Johnson for a gay man. He didn’t have any of the stereotypical characteristics commonly associated with gay men; the limp-wrist, the lisping voice, the mincing walk. He was in his mid-30s, about 5’11” and slightly bow-legged from years of riding a motorcycle.

Six Sentence Sunday – Accpetance 2

This six takes place a few pages after last week’s when Alex and Andrew see each other for the first time.

The door opened and one of the most beautiful young men I had ever seen came running out, picked up Heather and swung her around. He was about 5’9”, small-boned and wiry, his sandy blond hair hung a little below his ears and there was a smattering of freckles across his nose. He was wearing worn jeans and a bright green, body hugging T-shirt, and cowboy boots; and I could see part of a tattoo just beneath the sleeve on his left arm.

“Hey, Heather, what did you bring me for graduation?” He stopped spinning her around and his eyes lit on me. “Oooooh, is this my present; he’s gorgeous.”

Six Sentence Sunday – Acceptance

I’ll never forget meeting Andrew for the first time. If you had asked me what I wanted in a life partner, I’d have said someone near my own age, a professional, business-type person. I never dreamed I’d fall in love with an impish, mischievous, extroverted artist eight years my junior; but like the saying goes, we don’t choose who we fall in love with.

It wasn’t long after I passed the CPA exam that Bill and I were made junior partners. By this time I had worked with Jim for over two years. That year he and his wife, Connie, took pity on me being all alone and invited me to spend the Memorial Day weekend at her parents’ ranch outside of Fresno.

Six Sentence Sunday – Catriona’s Curse

“Granddad, what have you gotten me into now?” I thought as I drove down the gravel driveway lined with majestic oak and walnut trees toward the one-hundred-fifty-year-old, three-story rock mansion.

My name is Sunshine Nelson, thanks to my hippie parents. Actually my first name is Matthew but, since my dad was Matt, I’ve always been called Sunny. I’m almost thirty-five years old and live in Los Angeles, California. My parents have known for nearly twenty years I’m gay. They aren’t really happy with the fact, but have accepted it.