Lizzie – Prologue

Two weeks before Christmas – 2013

Tears streamed down Lizzie’s face and sobs wracked her body as she hung up the phone.
Sara immediately drew her into her arms. When Lizzie’s sobs quieted, Sara asked, “What’s wrong, Liz?”
“That was Mom. Gran wants everyone to come to the resort for Christmas in two weeks. They just found out Gramps has cancer and the doctors don’t expect him to be here next year.” Fresh tears streamed down her face.
Sara kissed her forehead. “Oh, Baby. I’m so sorry. I know how close you are to him.”
“I think the last time we were all together was ten years ago when Uncle Dave and Jesse brought the twins home.” Lizzie sniffed. “Come to think of it, we weren’t all there then. Scott had already left home and Cassaundra and Catherine haven’t been to the resort since Cassaundra and John got divorced.”
“I’ll call the airlines.” Sara brushed the hair off of Lizzie’s tear-dampened cheeks. “You call Seamus.”
“I wonder if anyone contacted Scott. We’re the only ones who know where he is. Maybe I should call him.”
“It wouldn’t hurt.”

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