Well, today is the third day of the Hop Against Homophobia. I haven’t gotten to visit as many blogs as I would like, but will do some more today and tomorrow.

The response has been tremendous, however, I wonder how many people who really need to see these blogs are actually seeing them.


3 responses to “Bloghop

  1. I have wondered the same thing myself. But the wonderful thing about the internet is that these posts stay out there. And even if homophobes who need to re-think their attitudes don’t see them, maybe others will. Questioning teens looking for help, parents who are trying to understand their child who has just come out and who might not be homophobic, but isn’t as supportive as they could be, people who are on the fence about where they stand, people who forget that their vote counts but are reminded about it through one of these posts… there is even one post (that I shared on FB yesterday) where the blogger is recounting the details of a murder from back in 1980 where justice has never been served. Hopefully if enough people share that story a lead can arise and the murderer brought to justice.

    In the end even though we are only one voice and just a community of readers and writers, the worst thing we can do is remain silent because then nothing will change at all.

    Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now.

  2. Hopefully people will pick up tips and such to be able to spread the message, or correct someone who’s acting homophobic (but doesn’t think he/she is), or just reach out and do something. So no, we may not be reaching the ones who really should be reading this, and yet… 🙂

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